Sunday, July 12, 2015

some quick work on Eight Ball Deluxe

A few things tweaked on this classic.  Still have to get around to replacing all the rubbers and doing a nice deep playfield clean though.

First up, new shooter rod spring installed...
old and sad.

new and happy!

then I swapped in warm white LEDs for much of the backglass.  The darn this is pretty much mint, and even though it changes the feel ever so slightly, it still looks great (looks better than in the photo) and will add years to its life.

Next up was looking in to the 13 ball that wasn't lighting.  First, point of note:  There is the RACK 13 and the TARGET 13 in the manual for each ball.  TARGET refers to the bank on the right, RACK referring to the ball lights between the flippers.

For a bit I thought it might be a transistor, but it was found to be a loose wire at the connector:
This thing.  Touch it.  Jiggle it.
Lucky number 13!  Everyone's a winner!

So besides all of the plastics?  Next big thing on this will be to swap the transistor for the Game Over lights, which are always on.

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