Sunday, July 19, 2015

Corevette almost done!

Corvette is all back together and I can play it again!  weeeeeeee

So much was put in to it:
New LT5 ramp
Cliffy on the Pit hole
Cliffy on the left side of Route 66 ramp
Cliffy on the shooter lane
New bushings + sleeves for each flipper
new rubber set
new slingshot plastics
new engine wires
full LEDs
new balls

It also had a new DMD put in just before I received it, so that is all lovely too.
And one caveat is that I didn't get a new sleeve in to the right flipper, but ah well, that coil can be replaced eventually.

With the new LT5 ramp in place, a number of problems arose that required tweaking:
The rear gate would go up and wedge in that position, requiring bending and spring tweaking to ensure it didn't rise too high.
The ball sometimes would rest on the gate and not fall in to the lock!  Ack.  Adjustment to the gate required.
The balls were having trouble ejecting from the lock when more than 1 was in there...
All seem fixed now.

The most serious post-assembly problem was the machine getting confused and when Catch Me If You Can started, 2 balls were ejected in to the shooter lane.  And the machine knew this was happening, it wasn't so confused as to end your ball when one drained... 
Normal behaviour is that if you finish CMIYC, one ball should be ejected in to the shooter lane for a 2 ball multiball.
Turns out I had missed re-connecting the route 66 ramp opto.  Not sure how the game was trying to compensate, but it seemed the problem went away after reconnection.  Well, almost.  Last night when CMIYC started one extra ball was launched in to the shooter lane...
More investigation and testing required!  Consistent problems, I can deal.  Intermittent problems?  UGGGGGHH

More things done? 
Reattached the tilt bob
Fixed the operator buttons at the front
Tightened the bolts for the playfield pivots...
The end of the VUK wireform got resoldered back in to place... (I sent that one out...)

this pin was the issue for the operator buttons panel at the front.

One benefit of the new bushings + flipper rebuild was that now there is less of a bounce coming down the inlanes and hitting the flippers.  It's not perfect, but I really don't think it'll ever be perfectly smooth, AND do so while sustaining the beating that gameplay gives it.

good enough!

What's left?
Well, I guess just testing (CMIYC) and tweaking (gates around the LT5).
And of course, just PLAYING and trying to beat that high score.
(aaaaand maybe lending it out.  I've had no shortage of offers from people that want to borrow it for a while.  They are not super common in the pinball communities around here.)

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