Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing... Out Of Sight!

Welcome welcome to my spring/summer project.

Max capacity here is 4 pins.  2 went, Monopoly came, leaving room for THIS, a dirty and not-quite-working machine to be gone over.

The cab isn't perfect, but really who really needs a mint EM cab?

Coin door is great.

A bit of dirty, and a some unfortunate planking

I love the art on this game.  I got it dirty and not-quite-working and am excited to see what I can do and where I can take it to.
Can't get too attached, as obviously something will have to go eventually, and it will probably be this one, but hey games don't generally last too long here anyways since this is my eight in over a year.

I started with the cabinet, and here is the top of the head.
Decades old ducktape is on there for some reason, as well as layer of what I assume is dust + nicotine tar.

I used a razor to start peeling the tape

I very gently cleaned with mean green and windex, being careful to ensure I wasn't soaking it, nor stripping any paint.

Compared to the starting point, this is actually pretty good!

The back glass is pretty great:

This is after I sealed it with acrylic triple-thick paint, which unfortunately reacted with the oranges and pinks.  Salvageable.

I took all of the metal bits and soaked them in a bath of Evapo-Rust

be sure to clean them well before doing this though.  You can re-use Evapo-Rust, but not if it's a dark cloud of dirt crud....

After the Evapo-Rust, I rinsed them, then give them another quick Evapo-Rust did and sit to dry.
The metal bits all came out nicely.  On to the legs!

Before  UGGH.

I only havd a 22" wallpaper tray trough to soak them in, so could only do one end at a time, and at an awkward angle.  Even with 2 bottles of Evapo-rust in the tray, coverage was limted.  If I could have found a trough the could contain the 32" legs, this would have been even better.

Next was the back box.  I took out all of the incadescent bulbs and replace them with LEDs.  It's a rea shame this doesn't have more lights, considering how vibrant the art is.
Warm white bulbs for the scores.  White and coloured LEDs for the characters, and colour-changing LEDs for the "Out Of Sight" logo to compliment the psychedelic feel.
I wiped away a bit of the black crud that incandescent bulbs leave over the years, but there wasn't that much.  Cleaning the score reels will help eventually though.

I didn't take photos of it, but I also spent time cleaning all of the stepper units in the game.  This is something I know how to do fairly well from past EM practice.  I learned everything from Clay's great guide.
This game has a crap load of steppers.  Player Unit, credit unit, a big one under the playfield, and 2 relays each with 2 smaller ones.  7 total.

I also started tightening switch stacks and ensuring the major assemblies are properly secured under the playfield

I played a test game and two things are obvious:
1) Something is causing an erratic step in the player's unit while the ball is in play, switching it from player 1 to 2.
2) the tens unit for player one has a switch stack error where the zero position switch is always closed, so it never resets to zero properly.  (although it doesn't hit zero, since the switch is always closed this does not interfere with the reset sequence)

In addition to that, a few obvious things:
- a few light sockets are out
- the left kickback gate doesn't open
- there is no back door to the back box

Marco Specialties has the schematics available and I have ordered them to Allentown.  I am not going, but someone from Ottawa is and has offered to bring back my order.
(Also coming is a small pile of stuff for Monopoly!)

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