Friday, April 11, 2014

Monopoly: lots to do!

Monopoly is a player's game, and with them you have to be a bit careful:  you can dump a lot of money in to a machine and never quite get it back.
A player's copy is differentiated with a "very good" or Collector's Quality due to wear, and the main goal is to always just have it play great.
My Monopoly does play great, but I want to at least get it closer to very good.  The playfield has some wear, and new playfields are still available for like $600, but I'm not the person to make that big move.  the cab also has some wear, but Monpoly's cab graphics are kinda meh anyways, and who cares?
Instead, I want to eventually fix all the little things on it, install all LEDs, and replace both ramps.
Right now I want to just document a bunch of little

Electric Company ramp + holy
Stern recommends like 6.5 degrees or something, but I have my machine at 8 degrees.  I was warned by the seller that the ball sometimes gets stuck just to the right of the hole, resting against the post.

yeah, right there near the bottom.
I used some leftover adhesive felt, cut in to tiny strips, and built up padding against the lower wall.
I used my dental tools to apply them with some precision, and now the ball does not get stuck there.

The drop target had been freshly replaced, so I ordered a cop target and slapped it no.  Almost perfect... no wait, no really...

I also got stickers for the spinner, but I am opting to replace the spinner entirely.   I will have a spare arriving at Allentown from Marco Specialties.  A friend will pick it up down there and bring the whole order back.

The other side has the decal in tact.  This side is just ugly.  REPLACING!

hello there, shitty hot glue gun job
Here is an example of a terribly salved platsic.  In order to eventually replace that lower left bulb I have to go in with an exacto blade to extra it from the glue tomb.
I have a spare of these plastics!  I am even ordering a new plastics set for the ones that I wasn't given as extras.
But you know what?  I have NO IDEA how to remove those bloody rivets, nor find the mounting brackets for this, so it might have to wait.  I want it out soon though, as I have a brand new one waiting, and this is an eyesore.

Likewise I have a brand new right ramp, as the old one is a glue monster as well, but I want to wait until I get a spare left ramp as well before I do a big swap.

left ramp entrance.  The upper guard does a good job of hiding the immense breakage.

A friend of mine also was able to produce these Monopoly ramp flaps out of lexan!  I only got the Free Parking one installed though.  I really want to install the Chance one, but I couldn't quite get the left ramp off to gain access to the screw to attach it with.
And the upper protector will have to wait until I replace both ramps.
I did get the one above Park Place installed.

Here is some of the playfield wear.  I am probably going to be covering it with some Stealth Protectors, as they are removable and easier to work with than mylar.

I have replaced most of the bulbs with LEDs and the game is looking really sharp.
I am not sure the yellow and orange LEDs really pop though.  I will have to try replacing them back with whites.  Is there any consensus on using coloured LEDs when the inserts are already coloured?

This is a great game.  Buckets of fun.
I adjust the skill settings a bit to make it even better:  The default of "Moderate" difficulty is OK, but make the bank HARD, that way it takes a left ramp shot to close the door.  Also don't award a bank letter each ball.  That means you need to use strategy to earn the Cash Grab mode each game, instead of it just handing it to you automatically.
(similar to the way Data East games give an opportunity for multiball on ball 3 if you haven't gotten there yet)

I hope I can eventually find a spare left ramp and do the big playfield fix of my dreams.
I have ordered a spare plastics set, an outhole metal guard, a new upper right target (the current one doesn't seem to register on super hard direct shots,) a new spinner, some new plastics, etc.

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