Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Out Of Sight: cleaning and rebuilding the playfield

I took some time and took all of the rubbers, posts and plastics from the playfield.
I want to clean and fix them, but also do a deep-enough clean of the playfield with minimal obstructions.

As we can see, the playfield has a bit of planking.  Not being the artsy type, the best defense is to be gentle and loving, clean it as best possible, then wax the hell out of it.

 I flattened the plastics tonight with great success, and here is my recipe:
Oven to 185 degrees.
Flat cookie sheets, with parchment paper on it.
Placed plastics on paper, in to oven.
Left them in until they started noticeably bending.  For the bottom rack this was ~4 minutes, top rack plastics were ~6 minutes. (they are further from the element)

Took them out, lifted the parchment paper on to flat counter.  Put another sheet of paper on top.  Piled on heavy artbooks, let cool for 10 minutes.

Worked great!  Not perfect, but much much better, and no damage.

all of the rubbers removed

verdict:  toss the rubbers, clean the star posts!
starting to take apart the playfield

everything removed!

ooo dirty

I wish I knew how to remove the rubber from this guy...

cleaned + waxed!  Planking still there, but the wax will help with further wear.  I hope.

flattened + cleaned plastics, new rubbers, clean + waxed, and LEDs!


  1. Hey Caitlyn thank you for posting this, it helped me get started on improving my Out of Sight game. Did you use something special to clean the star posts? Did you use Mill Wax for the playfield? Do you know how to put this game in test mode by chance?

    1. For the star posts, put them in a cutlery container and run through the dishwasher.