Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Out Of Sight: score reels issue

2 birds, 1 stone!  That's the way I like to deal with my problems.

Player 1 tens unit was not reseting properly to zero.
Also during game play, the player unit would suddenly advance from player 1 to player 2.

With the glass off I quickly isolated the problem by hitting things that would rewards thousands, hundreds, and then tens.  On hitting a 10 point item, that is when the players would shift from 1 to 2.  The player unit was advancing errantly, but only from player 1 to 2.

I checked the player 2 10s score reel to see how things should be:

zero position


There are 3 main switch stacks up in each reel, and they are charted as:
0    C OO
1-8 O C O
9    O C C

So the leftmost stack is only closed on zero.  This stack toggles with the middle stack (meaning when one is closed, the other should be open)
The right-most stack is the carry bit.  when the 9 advances, it scores one on the subsequent reel.

It is hard to see from the crappy photo, but the problem on the player 1 10s was quickly obvious:  The metal bar coming from the upper left was to the right of the toggle switch.
Check the pics above, it is supposed to sit between the two switches.
I was able to correct this, but then there was still some reset problems stemming from the left most stacks not making great contact.  Cleaning and adjusting them, the game now scores properly!

ugggh sorry for the crappy pic.  But trust me, the bar is in the wrong spot.
I think the reels could be due for a cleaning since some manual stepping was a touch sticky, but I don't know if I want the massive task of taking each apart and cleaning it at this point.  They work, and that's good enough for now.

Correct scoring reel
Deep clean + wax
Add LEDs to backglass + top of playfield
Seal backglass
Flatten plastics
Clean cabinet + legs + hardware

Get kickback gate working
Get kickback solenoid working
level it on the damn concrete floor...
Add LEDs beneath playfield
check for a few dead light sockets (double bonus light)
mod the game to include a way to reset drops?

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