Monday, February 15, 2016

Central Park: Done and gone!

What a great little game Central Park is.  6 freaking ways to drain, 6 freaking opportunities to fine tune your nudging.

This game had an intermittent tilt mech, so I took it out, cleaned it up, and now this machine is BRUTAL. 

Like if you were going to play it in a tournament, you'd optimally want to wait 5 minutes between balls to let that bob settle.  If it was my game, I'd probably remove the bob and just have the wire dangle.  But it's not mine, and the home it is going back to is of a competitive player, and this will test his mettle.

There were a few annoyingly intermittent lights sockets, but those got cleaned up and taken care of. 

The final big thing was the 1000s relay (HB) which wasn't pulling as we rolled over the 9 hundreds reel.  Bulb was loose, carry bit on the hundreds needed cleaning, and the normally closed contact on the HB relay itself all needed some attention.  But now it pulls and performs it's singular function:  lighting up the 1k light! 
It is also used in the replay scores, but since I have the credits unit disabled on this machine, it's effectively a bulb control.

this is the control bank relay bank, which gets a hard reset when a new game is started.  HB is the rightmost one.

So long sweet Central Park! 
You came here non-working and a bit dirty, and are leaving well loved and working and clean.

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