Monday, February 15, 2016

Introducing: Jurassic Park!

Say hello to our little friend!
JP is visiting here for a spell from a friend that needs some room, and I will give it some love.

First thing we noticed was there was a switch issue:  pulling the trigger seemed to fire a pop bumper?  Noticed the wires going to the trigger looked chewed and were partially exposed!  Sealed those up and that went away.

gnaw that ain't right

Some wires near the very front of the playfield were pushing out, allowing them to be caught and stressed when the playfield lowered, so I reigned those in with a cable tie.  Tested them, no breaks.

The machine arrived with the recent issue that 2 balls would enter the shooter lane, as well the VUK would jackhamer for a while at the beginning.  I've watched enough pinballninja to know where to look:  the trough swiches. 
Put the game in to switch test and quickly found ball 6 rollover wasn't registering.  Took a better look and I could see two of the contacts were shorted due to missing insulation.
shorting at the left

insulator back on

Upper right flipper was buzzing when held up:  bolts were loose.

The green targets were all smashed to the side a bit, and resting against the metal brace, meaning they could never be scored.  Loosened, adjusted, and tightened those up nicely!
green one misaligned: outer plastic pressing against metal switch bracket

After a handful of games the game went down again:  the ball wasn't being ejected from the shooter lane.
After some false starts, turns out the shooter coil had been shorted.  This was partly due to wear via an improvised mounting bracket.
The front of the bracket had seemingly come off, and someone welded on another chunk of metal to replace it.  New bracket + coil ordered and installed.
(I should have taken a photo of the old hacked bracket!)

And while I was at it, I ordered frosted status LED bulbs for on top of the playfield.  I hate clear status lights.

I love frosted dome LED lights for indicators

Other things to attend to:
The plastic to the right of the ramp is busted and the bracket with 2 lights above it were flopping around.  I cable tied it to the ramp post as a temporary solution as I look to reinforce the plastic it is supposed to secure to.
The under-playfield supports need new nuts.  The two pieces are loose and shouldn't be trusted.
Some of the lights on top of backbox are not working. 
left + upper right flipper brackets are each in need of a few screws.

these brackets are super loose.

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