Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rollergames: in the basement, and preliminary exam

We got it down!  The soldered connector wires were just for GI so we snipped them and will redo them later.

There are a TONNE of connectors in the head, looks more than the mosntrous WPC-S setup, but half of them are just at the interconnect board, so relatively few wires bundles to detach to get the head off, all considering.

And with the head off, the playfield was entirely unplugged, so we took the head, playfield, and body down in 3 trips.  So so so much easier.

Found another connector that was charred, as well this connector on the backbox lights was toasty, with pins damaged:

Notice the wire junction done with dried out electrical tape.  Yeah that's gonna get fixed.

So the complete list of what to tackle on the board front:
Interconnect Board:
J9: needs new 7 pin connector, new header pins, and the wires need to be redone
J6: needs new 9 pin connector
J7: needs enw 10 pin connector, new header pins, and wires need to be redone
Backbox:  needs new 7 pin connector, new header pins, and the wires need to be redone

The game is actually pretty clean in the parts I can see.  Original mylar means only wear along the orbits and top lanes.  No major accumulations of a decade+ of grime. 
But it will still eventually get a full teradown and have every rubber replaced.  Because hey, if you're tearing it down, let's just replace the damn things while in there.
Leaving it as incandescent as per the owner's request.

Before turning it on I inspected the fuses and found a number overfused:
On the Aux Power Driver Board:
F2A was 5 instead of 2.5
F5 was 5, instead of 2
F6 was 3, instead of 2

On the Power Board:
F2 and F3 were supposed to be 1/8 A slowblows, but were each 5A FAST blows.  I put in 1/4 A slowblows until I could order some 0.125 A fuses proper.
F1 was also 5A Fast Blow, but was supposed to be 3/8 A slowblow.

All fuses checked, time to turn it on!

There is an issue with the batteries on the game.  New ones in, but we still get the classic issue:

That is, the game is not saving the setup options, most likely due to battery/holder.

Notice the extra lights going on there?  Top display has extra commas and left-dashes.

Not sure where to start there exactly, but will do some research and report back.

When coining up I noticed there was no sound effects, just BGM.  We pushed in the sound board EPROMS and that seemed to do the trick.  Now all the wonderful sounds are here!

aux sound board.  Wiggled those three "SL 3" ROMs in their sockets.

What else?  Needs a new coin door lock.  New power cord
Upper right flipper needs some love.  It plays ok, but when the magnet freezes it and you FLIP! the ball up the wall ramp, it should make the shot readily, and right now it seems like it is just barely making it.

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