Monday, February 15, 2016

Introducing: Rollergames!

Another update!  Rock on!

Rollergames arrived the day Central Park left.  RG is a loaner from another friend (one who graciously helped get Central Park up the staircase of doom,) and it had been folded at his place for a while.  He agreed to let me borrow for an extended period and give it a solid once over.

He passed me a list of known issues with it, so defintely a bunch of work involved, not to mention the big deep clean.

Buuuuut there's an issue:  I can't get the head off just yet.
Here's why:



In lieu of connectors, someone soldered some wires directly to the interconnect board.   So we now have to find time to properly desolder these in order to get the machine downstairs.

The connectors will need to be rebuilt, of course, but for now, it shall sit in the garage.

Le *sigh*

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