Monday, February 15, 2016


Wow, I am one lucky woman, let me count the ways...

So happy to have a local friend that was craving to have my Corvette for a bit, and were willing to lend me their LOTR.
Playtrades are: THE. BEST.
And it was vindicating of all of that work put in to Corvette that I should now have a chance to play this wonderful machine.

This is not a machine in need of much, but it was passed to me with a bucket of mods and accessories that I might take a stab at installing.
I won't get in to the mods now, but here are a few things I was told and/or noticed:

On occasion the ball bounces out of the sword lock.  It rockets up the ramp, hits the white stopper, and hops the rail.  I have a new stopper to install here, that might help that situation.

When 2 (or 3) balls rest at Gollum's saucer, the switch won't register it, and ball search has to begin to try and free one of them.  I wonder if a switch adjustment might assist?
The back ball is pushing the front ball JUST SO that it is not sitting on the switch adequately.

And the shooter rod needs to be rebuilt.  Right now a full plunge perfectly nails the Orthanc skill shot, but perhaps that's an unfair advantage.

Passing on a message from another friend:  Lord Of The Rings is apparently just a lesser copy of Stern's Austin Powers.
You heard it here first!
Well, maybe 2nd...
I'm currently unconvinced.  :)

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