Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I got attacked by Street Fighter 2.

I was working on my SF2, trying to clean the metal guide rails to make the playfield more accessible.  I'm not sure if it was my bad, or if it was flimsy, or a combination, but the support bar snapped down and the playfield came crashing down me.

It fell sideways (to its left side) in to the cab, and I caught hold of it.  I was dizzy from the smack to the head, and it had cut and hurt my hands.  Holding the PF there, it was far too heavy and large for me to maneuver.  I was a bit in shock and a tad panicked, not knowing what to do.
After about 10 minutes of straining I managed to allow the front metal bracket to the front of the cab and then use that as a pivot point to help rotated it over and get it back in place.

I was shook and hurt, and walked away to bandage the cuts in my arm.

I'm a bit terrified I ruined something in this, but I am resolved to not try turning it on without a professional on hand to assist me.  Making those arrangments soon.
I'm very much "once bitten twice shy".

I posted up about this at MAACA and someone gave the advice that I totally agree with:  Never use the support bar!
I got a lot of encouragement from the pinball community so decided to take another look tonight and see if I could spot any obvious damage.
In the act of lifting it up, I managed to cut/scrape my hand in 3 places, 2 needing a bandage.  So we have the Dhalsim fireball of the board blowing up, the Zangief body smash of the playfield falling on me, and now the Vega bladed slash to my blocking hand.  How appropriate.

But what is the first thing I see as I maneuver the playfield?

The playfield, on its side, crashed on to the transformer.  Looking at it, the transformer seems to have a badass bracket at the top, so I think there is a chance that it still functional!  The impact MIGHT have affected it, but it doesn't seem visibly rattled.  But oh I will still be waiting for assistance before that first power-on.

near the left metal bracket you can see the impact white impact strikes that weren't there before

the left side of the playfield also bear some inspection, but at a quick glance, I didn't spot anything.

that metal bracket on the left got bent in righting the playfield, but that's the only obvious damage

I still love you, playfield.

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