Thursday, October 24, 2013

SF2: installed some rubbers

I took some time and started installing a "rubber ring kit" in to Street Fight 2.

Lo and behold, I found another problem from the operators "handbook of things you really shouldn't do".

that white ring is for to go around those 3 posts.  Instead someone but tiny rubbers on 2 of the posts, and let the metal bar get SLAMMED in to the up/down post there.
I bent the metal piece away from the post and installed the proper rubber.

The upper area of the playfield is a pandora's box.  I can't quite figure out all of the screws to get in to it!  In order to finish my rubber replacing I will need to spend a day trying to get in there.
I will procrastinate on this, no doubt, but one day when I decide to do a DEEPER playfield clean I will eye tearing all the upper playfield mechs out and getting in there.  I can change the remaining rubbers then.

While getting to the lower playfield rubbers (and really most of the rubbers are in that lower playfield) I had to unscrew much of the metal ramps.  I took the opportunity to soak the screws and washers in Evapo-Rust and got much of their crusty rust off.  They don't all look pretty, but they do look less gnarly now.  Maybe I'll replace them, they are just screws, but if I can salvage the old parts, why not!

Look at those new white rubbers just GLOW!
In testing afterwards I did notice that the flipper rubbers aren't bouncing the ball well, a symptom of how they are a touch loose, so the ball loses momentum when colliding with them.
I have fresh flipper bats to install, so will add to the todo list:  replace flipper bats, and tighten/secure the flippers.

get replacement fuses for under the PF
also check the fuses at the transformer
left VUK: get new spring, new plunger
solder diode across the right slingshot coil.  Replace Q3 transistor on driver board.
replace stargate ramp coils
replace flipper bats, and tighten/secure the flippers.
deep clean of playfield, removing all plastics and cleaning the screws + replace upper-playfield rubbers
replace upper left flipper solenoid with correct one  (should be A-25959) (have it, no reason to do it yet though)
cleaning the under-playfield troughs
secure coin door
replace coon door lock
replace playfield glass
get cliffy protectors
Replace car crash flipper rubber + glue car to crash mechanism
reattach subwoofer
fix 2 out lights in backbox (wiring issue?)

re-secured VUK mounts to provide extra-strong kicks (though they need more screws!)
installed lower playfield rubbers
installed new power module
replaced Q3 transistor to solve right slingshot issue
reattached ground wires
replaced VUK solenoid to correct one
replaced fuse for stargate ramps
reattach tilt mechanism
bend left playfield bracket back in to proper place
new beer seal
Flipper rubber for Chun Li
Replaced flipper rubbers (except car crash flipper)
Cleaned backbox charring + replaced dead + charred lightbulbs
initial basic playfield cleaning

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