Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rocky & Bullwinkle: replacing the feetsies

This had been lingering on the todo list:  replace the icky metal feet on this machine, increase the playfield slant, and get it all levelled.
I had the parts since the Pinball Expo, but easier said than done!  You want get the feet off?  You have to support the machine.  Always work late at night, alone?  Then you gotta do it yourself.

The screws and bolts were covered in gunk, which I limited via some Simple Green.  But taking a wrench to the bolts yielded no results, they were just too rusted.
Desperate, I poured 70% isopropyl alcohol over them, cleaned that 15 seconds later, and tried again.  SUCCESS!  The wrench moved the bolt, and after much struggle I was working them off.

Doing each replacement required being under the machine and supporting the leg's weight with my back.  This is on solid concrete, with all that weight on my knees, a hot LCD torch in my face illuminating everything.  Not a pretty site.

But successful nonetheless.  I got new leg levelers, attached rubber casters, and then put moving pads under those.

the old hardware.  ick.
diagnose fix power board issues / replace/resolder capacitors
adjust flippers to the dots
try troubleshooting audio connections: excessive hum + hum sound oscillating with light show
replacing the SAVED decals.
find a replacement WABAC ramp.
get/install a Boris button
deep disassemble-everything clean

install new levellers + casters, level the legs
wire Lion to 32 V instead of 50 V
replace the back box hat trick padding
Replace plastic Lion in hat trick
replace ball drain kicker
Update ROMs to 1.3
remove pop bumper screw.
repair first left orbit (hat trick) switch so that the diverter can work
replace beer seal

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