Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pinrepair tech session #2

My repair guy came back the other day with a spare sleeve for the left VUK coil on SF2!
The plunger still needs to be replaced (the old one is really misshapen,) but lo' the ball gets kicked up now.  Not 100%, but 80%, so fine by me if there is an occasional misfire.  We'll have it fixed with the new plunger.

After testing it, we noticed the right slingshot was constantly engaged again.  ACK!  That means the Q3 transistor was once again blown, implying it was not a random failure.
He said "sometimes the diodes across the coil fail or crack".  So we looked under and hey, there was NO DIODE there.  Did it fall off?  How long had it been that way?
Anyways, add that to the list:
solder diode across the right slingshot coil.  Replace Q3 transistor on driver board.
IF we get that taken care of, it should stop blowing the transistor.

I had also made note in last post's todo list to replace the stargate ramp coils.  I only recently discovered this little tidbit about how the original ones aren't right for the job.

While waiting for him to arrive I decided to check the fuses under the playboard.  I found 1 under-fused and 2 over-fused!
get replacement fuses for under the PF
also check the fuses at the transformer

He also attached the new interlock switch to the cabinet, and bent the other door switch in to place so it registered properly.
The only issue with this is that the door is super loose, so these switches are basically pushing the coin door open/off.  He says he has spare door parts to secure it in place, as well I will look in to getting a proper lock for sealing it closed.  This will allow me to not have to rely on the steel bar....
secure coin door
replace coon door lock

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