Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Mini-Match: parts collected

 It's all coming together!

Plungers, fabricated:

left is the original one.  Right is a rough prototype.  Middle 3 are the wonderful new ones!

Electronics done:

My electrician friend went through these and tested the components, replacing a capacitor here and all of the diodes and resistors.

He also changed the capacitor here and attached a power cord.  The dangling wires are for the new chime box.

new capacitor over here too.

supplies!  New chime box (doorbell) and fresh solenoids from the UK

new solenoid vs fried old one

one thing to figure out is how best to fasten the new one to the mounting plate

backing hardware from the old solenoid

Up next?  This thing moves from the electronics master to the electromechanical master!

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